My plants have hope now!

When we opened backed in September last year, I dreamed about having blooming aromatic flowers and thriving colorful plants year-round:  an osmanthus here, a tuberose there, and plenty of hydrangeas to cut and put in vases.  Grapevines would surround the rooftop walls, while delicate adiantum ferns would flow gently with the wind.

Unfortunately, no one in our house had the green thumb.  We did buy several trees, a grapevine with aged branches, and tons of seasonal flowers.  They looked wonderful when they first arrived but then quickly turned into yellow leaves and sagging branches due to heat and mistreatment.  The freezing winter dealt the last blow- even the trees died..

Then came spring.  I was euphoric and decided that this time we were going to pick the right trees and plants so they will last for a while.  Within weeks, most of flowers died and now a mere three months later, even the new trees are not looking up again.  I was mad at the nursery guy who sold me the plants — he either didn’t understand the concept of “perennial” or just wanted to sell more plants to me more frequently.  It seems like they treated these living units like disposable decorations and didn’t really bother teaching us the caring techniques.

Luckily, my friend referred me to a gardener who is taking care of the backyard for several houses.  I asked him to come check on our trees and plants.  It turned out that (of course!) we weren’t trimming and fertilizing them properly.  And the way you water really make a difference.  I decided on the spot that I would hire this guy to help us save our plants!!  Hopefully we can see a visible difference in the months to come.

We’re going to the flower market this weekend to check out some new stuff!

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