Quintet’s French Concession Neighborhood Map - Walks, Running Paths, and Shopping

While you are staying with us, don’t forget to walk around our neighborhood! This west French Concession area is one of the nicest old residential area, where houses and mansions from the early 1900’s of various styles line the streets. If you are a runner, the smaller streets also afford pleasant, tree-lined paths.

We have also listed some recommended activities for you below the map.

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For Early Birds
Morning Tai Chi in the park - Take advantage of your jetlag and show up at the Xiang Yang Park around 7am to watch and join the numerous groups practicing tai chi. Just follow what the leader does — and pay attention to your breathing!

Morning street activities
- Continue north on XiangYang Rd to the corner of ChangLe Rd and you will see a row of breakfast shops selling steamed buns, soybean milk, savory pastries, and noodles. There might not be any signs in English but you can order by pointing at what others are having. Try the steamed buns - they come in meat, vegetable, or sweet bean paste varieties.  Going south on Wulumuqi M Rd past Wuyuan Rd, you can also find a row of lively fruit/veggie/seafood shops as well as many local snack shops.

- Go on the smaller streets in the south-west direction from our B&B to avoid car traffic. See our suggested paths on the map above. Try to go before 8:30am as the car traffic becomes busy after that. Weekends are pleasant all day.

Taste of Old Shanghai - Try Louis Vuitton’s Soundwalk for Shanghai, recorded by Chinese actress Joan Chan.  She grew up in the neighborhood of our B&B and it’s fun to follow her audio tour into the small alleyways while listening to her story.  Sample or download the audio guide here.

For Shoppers
XinLe Rd boutiques - On the short stretch of XinLe Rd, you can find tiny clothing shops carrying name brand knock-offs mixed in with some original designs. The prices are not as negotiable although small discounts are possible.

Home decor shops on Dong Ping Rd
- Modern design items with Chinese elements can be found in the shops that cluster on Dong Ping Rd near Hengshan Rd. Some of the good places to check out are Lapis Lazuli, Simply Life, and Zen Life. You can pick up some tea cups, linens, or display pieces.

Julu Rd/Fumin Rd - A unique ceramics studio to visit is SPIN. They work with skilled craftsmen in Jingdezhen to create tableware and vases that are modern and streamline. The shop is located on Julu Rd in a non-descript warehouse near Fumin Rd.  Also check out Madam Mao’s Dowry for some Mao-inspired souvinirs.

Fuxing West Rd - On Fuxin W. Rd to the west of Wulumuqi M Rd, you can also find boutique shops dotting the street all the way toward Huashan Rd.  Here’s walking tour for that section of Fuxing W Rd on about.com here.