Quintet’s cameo appearance in The Risk Agent - Ridley Pearson’s new detective thriller

The New York Time Bestseller author Ridley Pearson had stayed with us at Quintet back in 2009.  Back then, he was finishing up teaching at Fudan University, and we had no idea that he was also a famous writer.  He came back to Shanghai in 2010 with his whole family for a month to research for his upcoming novel.  I found out through our chatting that he’d normally conduct extensive research on the locations and people so he can put in realistic details in his story.  We shared our observations about Shanghai, and he promised to put me and Quintet in his next novel.  I joked that he can write anything but just not to get my character killed.

Two years passed quickly until last month, when I got an email from a guest-friend, Steve, who is an avid reader.  He was reading Ridley’s new book, The Risk Agent, which came out in June 2012, and accidentally found my name and Quintet in the story!  Since it was hard to get hold of a copy of the book in China right away, I asked Steve how my character fared in the book.  He told me slyly that “Fay” seemed to have had a “previous relationship” with the lead character “John Knox”~ lol~  I eventually got hold of a digital copy of the book and found the passage on pg 43 ;-)

Better yet, the book will be made into a movie in 2014, starring Vince Vaughn!  How cool is that?!  Now I just hope they’ll need to shoot some scenes on our premise!  If my character makes it into the movie, I’d like to see Christy Chung playing my role (although the character is supposed to be in her late twenties)!