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When I was working for the corporate world, I never got to see Shanghai during the day Monday-Friday.  Since I started becoming an “entreprenuer,” my schedule is more flexible and allows me to roam around the city any odd time of the day.  I thought I’d share some of the great deals I’ve been enjoying with people who are visiting Shanghai (or those who can get out of the office before 6pm).

1. 2 hour foot + body massage for $100RMB - This is a happy hour package that the Butterfly Massage offers Monday-Friday before 6pm.  Normally, one hour of foot or body massage is somewhere around $80RMB per hour so this is a really sweet deal.  It’s also very close to Quintet so I’d highly recommend it to my guests.  Their massage therapists on average are very good — therapeutic but not as brutal as some of the more local places.  The place has a spa-like atmosphere and I especially like their little touches such as a heated neck pillow (filled with some sort of grains) when you’re getting the foot massage and also heated sack for the back during the body massage.  My favorite guy is #2, and according to the manager, he is the “technical director” of the shop.

2.  Happy hour “Tidbits” at the Glamour Bar on the Bund - Glamour is usually more packed as the night goes on so the place is practically empty around 5-8pm.  That’s why they offer a small spread of snack buffet for free during this time Monday-Friday.  For the price of the drinks (typically $70RMB/drink and up), you not only get free food, you can also get the gorgeous bund/Oriental Pearl view all to yourself (sofas next to the windows are hard to come by late at night).  Why not beat the crowd?

3.  English high tea on the 53rd in Jinmao Hyatt - we discovered this one after seeing the 2-hour line to get up to the new Shanghai World Financial Center observation deck.  At SWFC, you’d pay $180RMB to go up to the 100th floor — and it doesn’t even come with a drink!  For $150RMB + 15%, you can sit comfortably in Hyatt’s relaxing and jazzy Piano Bar  with a still very nice view of the Huang Pu River while enjoying excellent tea sandwiches, hot scones and sausage rolls, as well as a good selection of desserts, fruits, and ice cream.  I think I’ll wait until when the crowds subside more (or discounts are offered) before trying the SWFC again.