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This event of the century was first brought to our attention by enthusiastic guests booking months in advance.  Total and partial eclipses are actually common occurrences but what makes this July 22 one significant is that 1) it will be the longest one (5-6 minutes depending on where you watch it) in the next one hundred years and 2) it’s best seen from within the narrow band along the densly populated Yangtze River/Delta region, including Shanghai.

Here’s a map showing the eclipse’s path: Here’s a map highlight the eclipse path within China: The eclipse is the longest when you view it nearest the center line of the band.  Shanghai is a tad north of the center line.

In Shanghai, the eclipse will begin around 8:30am with the total eclipse starting around 9:3x-9:4x am, depending on where you are.  The only uncertainty is the weather on the morning of the 22nd.  The serious sun chasers are planning to go wherever it takes to get a good view.

Quintet is looking into organizing some kind of viewing event, possibly on our very own rooftop if the weather in Shanghai is good enough or leaving early in the morning to go somewhere in a van.

Email us if you’re interested in joining us!