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My former guest Hiroko Ibuki, a crafts designer who lives in Tokyo is hosting her first workshop on accessories in Shanghai.  She just finished a personal exhibition of her work in Japan.  You can see photos of her work on her blog (in Japanese) here:  http://love-live-laugh.cocolog-nifty.com/hirokoibuki/

Her work is very beautiful and I want to put a plug in for her upcoming workshop in Shanghai.  If you happen to be in town during that time, feel free to check out her workshop!

Here’s the Workshop information:

Let’s make a pretty viola ring and a hair accessory at a cafe in Hongqiao!

Pretty violas are made with  lovely  wire edged ribbons and they are sawn on to a ring and a small comb.
They are very easy to make, but when you learn how to make them, you can use them to decorate many things. You can glue them on to a basket or make a necklace, a bracelet, a head dress and so on…

Date: 2009. 5 27( Thurs ) or 28( Fri)  10:30-12:30
Place: cafe+ gallery Himawari

上海市长宁区剑河路2000弄69号 夏都花园 (Changning District, Jianhe Rd, Alley 2000, Number 69)

Tel 021-62622377
Fee: 250RMB per person
Please bring: sawing needles, scissors, ruler, pencil, sawing threads( pink, yellow, dark green, if you have any)
For more information, please send Hiroko e-mail at: hirokoibuki@mac.com