The opening is delayed!

The construction was supposed to be done by 7/20 but by 8/1, it didn’t look like it was anywhere near finished.  I have to admit that I’ve been in La La Land and thought somehow things will just finish by themselves.  So I cracked my whip for the first time and threatened the crew to have the rooms be ready for furniture delivery by 8/9 or else.  I also made an project open item list to keep track of everything to bring up to the construction boss.  For the entire week, I never saw the crew worked harder.  The fabrics were put up on the walls, wooden floors were sanded, and walls were painted.  The place was buzzing with machines, people — the way it should’ve been last month.  And then I went to work on scheduling the different deliveries — first the bed frames and desks, then the antique tables and chairs, the mattresses and the appliances, and then finally the bedding and curtains.  Some of the items were so big and heavy that I swore that they were to never leave this house again!  There were even sweat marks on the hallway walls to prove how gruelling moving stuff up the narrow staircase was.

There were more things to buy and get into the house.  Trash cans, teapots, cleaning supplies, trays and boxes, LCD TVs, DVD players, satellite boxes, arghhh~  standard items are easier to find, while deco items are scattered and harder to find, since we wanted stuff that bring in some Chinese elements but also work with the art deco styles of the house.  Don cautioned against Chinese-kitch.

Short-term goal is to get the rooms into a photo-ready state so we can finish the website!